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Privacy Policy: We understand that privacy is a paramount aspect of the online writing business. As a result, the company seeks to protect customers’ information at all costs. The following policy elaborates on how our customer information is protected at all levels of management within our company to ensure that it does fall into the wrong hands.Privacy Policy

Automatically logged information: Original Nursing Essays servers register any visitor’s standard information such as the IP address, referral domain, visitor’s country, browser type, pages visited, and the length of stay for statistical analysis purposes. This data does tell us who the visitor is. However, this website uses cookies to customize content that may be in your browser type, your IP address, and other settings.

Credit card transactions: All of our transactions are done via which provides the most secure and reliable online payment method without risking credit card information to a third party today. All transactions are processed through a secure server that discards client details as soon as payments are done.

Original Nursing Essays utilizes automatically logged information for the purposes of improving the site to make it more user-friendly. This visitor information is never shared or sold to any third party for it is only our highly professional and trusted administrators who have access to this information. Any personal information such as email and phone number is only accessed by our administrator and it is only used for communications purposes during order placement and deliveries.

OriginalNursingEssays.Com sometimes provides links to other websites that may be of use to our customers. However, our company is not responsible for any information that may be available on these sites or their privacy policies. Therefore, we always advise our customers to read the privacy and use policies among other disclaimers on these sites before they do seek their services.

Cookies: This site uses cookies but they do not provide any user information apart from the IP address and the Browser one is using. Most of the cookies used on this site are for tracking visitors’ traffic. They only record the visited pages and the duration of a visitor on that specific page. A customer can set his/her computer to accept or deny all cookies although when one chooses the latter he/she may not access certain services.


OriginalNursingEssays.Com retains the right to amend this privacy policy at any time if deemed necessary. To keep up with any changes to this policy, kindly keep visiting this page.

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