Research for Practice and Populations in Nursing

Research for Practice and Populations in Nursing
To pass this task, professional communication is a requirement. It is extremely advised that you run a spellcheck and grammar check before submitting your final work.
Because the rubric offers specific criteria that will be used to assess your work, you must use it to guide the construction of your submission. More than one rubric aspect may be used to evaluate each requirement listed below. Links to pertinent sections of the course may be included in the aspect titles of the rubric.

A. Identify a nursing practice that is currently being used in your healthcare setting and needs to be changed.
Note: You can present the exact issue you’ll be addressing after describing your configuration without giving it a name.
1. Outline the present state of nursing practice.
Note: Describe the existing practice and any potential flaws that may be contributing to the problem that has been identified.
2. Expound on the necessity of changing the current nursing practice.
B. List the important parties who are involved in the present nursing practice in your healthcare setting.

Research for Practice and Populations in Nursing
1. Describe the part that each important stakeholder has been identified as having in the proposed practice change.
These people will make up the team that plans, executes, and assesses the change.
C. Put together a critique of the evidence table (see “Sample Evidence Critique Table”).
Be sure to include your table of evidence critique in your paper.
1. Choose five academic sources from peer-reviewed journals that meet the criteria listed below.
A source must have been published no more than five years ago.
Each source in the table must be provided in APA format and must be related to the modification mentioned in section A.
2. Using the Strength of Evidence data from the study design, determine the degree of support for each selected source.
3. Using the Evidence Hierarchy information from the study design, determine the evidence hierarchy of each source that was chosen.
D. Create an evidence summary that incorporates each of the five sources used, based on the conclusions from step C. (suggested length of 1–2 pages for all sources).
Be sure to describe the goal, methods or study design, results or conclusions, and how the article supports the practice change proposal in one well-developed paragraph for each article.
E. Make a specific best practice recommendation in light of the evidence summary created in part D

Research for Practice and Populations in Nursing
F. Choose a practice change model that can be used to implement the suggested practice change.
Note: Specify the model you’ve chosen and provide a brief explanation of its typical usage.
1. Explain why the practice change model was selected and how it relates to the suggested practice change.
2. Describe how to use the selected model to help accomplish the suggested practice change.
Note: Clearly describe how the model will be used to steer change and go into depth about each phase separately.
G. Identify any obstacles that could prevent the suggested practice change from being implemented successfully.
H. Talk about any ethical issues that might come up when preparing for or carrying out the suggested practice change.
Note: Explain the ethical principle(s) or ANA Code of Ethics provision(s) that apply to or support the change in your practice.
I. When citing sources, make sure you use the APA style for all in-text citations and references.
Note: The submission MUST include APA formatted in-text citations with a corresponding reference list for any direct quotes or paraphrasing when using sources to support concepts and elements in an assessment. If a source has not been quoted or paraphrased within the assessment’s text, it is not required to list it.


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